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Every time you think about buying a house, what deters you? Most people spend months planning to buy a dream house. However, one look at their bank and savings account is enough to discourage them from further pursuing the idea. Well, do not be so easily discouraged. Give Dennis a call; he might be able to help you. He will gently nudge you in the right direction of researching for different financing options.

A conventional loan is a popular option for most Americans looking to buy a house. It is a fixed-rate home loan that is not offered or serviced by government agencies but by private lenders. In most cases, people looking to buy residential property are advised to opt for conventional loans over government-backed home loans.  However, it is essential to evaluate if this loan is right for you, which is exactly what Dennis Tello does for you. He helps you understand what the conventional loan entails and if you are eligible for it.

Once your eligibility has been established, Dennis will expedite the process for you. He will sit down with you to go over your accounts, so an amount for the loan can be decided. Accordingly, he will deep-dive into his network and find a suitable lender. Furthermore, details such as the interest rate and the time it will take to pay off will be chalked out. Dennis will be there every step of the way, just as he will also be right there filling out the necessary documentation with you and he will be by your side till the day you walk into the house of your dreams.

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