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Dennis Tello, your commercial broker understands that time is MONEY. He handles requests to buy, sell or lease commercial properties with a focus on Industrial and Office buildings for small, medium, and large corporations.

Buy Commercial Property

He is fully adept at promptly handling your real estate needs. Addressing property requirements shared by corporations, large and small, as well as individuals, he supports investors and property owners with procuring commercial property. When working with him, you will notice how helpful his perspective insight in real estate is in availing a great deal for you.

Are you looking to expand your operations and want something suitable on a fixed budget? Do not let anyone sell you short on what you need to comfortably run your business. Let Dennis find you a commercial property that will compel you to make an offer immediately.

Sell Commercial Property

With 17 years of real estate brokerage expertise behind him, Dennis endeavors to maximize the value you redeem from your commercial property. He has your best interests at the forefront as he works with you to sell an industrial warehouse, land, apartment complex, mall or an office space. From ensuring fair market valuation to being upfront about the market trends, Dennis lets analytics guide his counsel. Hence, if it is not a good time to list your commercial property, he will not think about his business, he will think about yours and suggest you hold off the sale.

Lease Commercial Property

Dennis facilitates new and renewal of lease agreements for organizations, as well as individuals. He is prompt in renewing existing commercial lease agreements so you can continue your operations without any unnecessary inconvenience. He ensures there are no delays in this process, and everything is taken care of in an organized manner. So call now at +1 909-549-5269 to speak to your local commercial broker

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