Commercial Loan

A commercial loan applies only to people looking to invest in a property that will generate income for them. It is, therefore, recommended for people looking to buy, construct or even set-up office complex, hotel buildings, shopping malls, business centers or industrial warehouses. A commercial loan can be used for procurement and acquisition of commercial properties as well as for funding development and construction of such property or even furnishing them.

You have an entrepreneurial mindset; you have a plan laid out for investment in real estate; you are sure it will be a fruitful investment with a high ROI. However, you are hesitant about the financing model? Give Dennis a call; sit down with him over a cup of coffee and tell him all about your big plan. He will help you figure out how to avail a commercial loan to invest in commercial property. He will debrief you on how to apply for it, what the time limit would be, if it needs to be backed by collateral or not, etc. Do not give up on a great investment opportunity just because you think you do not have enough savings to tap into. Dennis will facilitate in figuring out the financing structure. The best part is that he will be upfront with you if he feels you do not qualify for it or if he thinks a commercial loan is not a good fit for you.

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