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Will you be looking for a single story…..or do you prefer 2 stories?  Is a cul-de-sac location preferable for you to feel safe while your children or grandchildren play in the front yard?  Might you have a particular school district in mind?

Dennis Tello is the buyer’s agent that can help find the ‘right’ property for you. He will arrange for you to visit and see homes, and he will assist in creating and presenting an offer. Dennis is available to facilitate till the end of the transaction where he will guide you through the closing once the offer is accepted. You will find him more critical during inspections because he wants the best for you.

Dennis has an extensive network of 250 realtors with access to exclusive listings.  He will not waste your time, forcing you to look at a dozen options that do not meet your requirements. Additionally, he performs market price comparisons to ensure you never overpay for your home.

You might be a first-time buyer who is concerned about making such a big decision! You have so many questions about how it can be done, and Dennis will answer all of them patiently. Ask, and then ask again if you are still not sure. He will respond every time you reach out to him with the same patience and good attitude he did the first time.

If Dennis is representing you as a realtor in a deal, the other party knows you have a winner on your side. This tilts the negotiations in your favor, and there is a high probability that the offer you submit will be approved. In addition, a practice he usually indulges in is, he asks you to draft a letter to the seller, telling him why you want to buy that specific property and how it would make you and your family privileged to own their home. He takes the time to reflect on the human side of the buyer and seller because he is all for building relationships.

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